I charge based on a per project basis. I am glad to provide you with a quote. I do, however, need some details about the project. I would prefer to visit the site but if that is not possible some cell phone photos and a description will suffice. I will also need to know the end use of the photos, advertising, self-promotion, internal marketing ect...
Creative Fee and Licensing Fee:
Creative Fee: This fee is for the time and skill it takes to complete the project, including what takes place before the shoot and after the shoot, such as editing and cataloging the photos. There is no additional charge for the initial editing but for revisions that take over an hour, I charge $75/hr to cover my time. 
Licensing Fee: This is the fee for the usage of the photo. It can vary from website and/or social media use to full blown ad campaigns. I will work with you to make sure we get the best fit for the project. 
I do also offer cost sharing so if there are other parties involved in the project that want the photos you can all share some of the costs. 
Please go to the Contact page to send me a message to get started! 
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